The landscape is a myriad of colours. From the deep reds, ochres, and browns of the earth to the endless blue of the sky, broken only by the occasional cloud floating far above. Between the earth and sky, the horizon is dark with olive green leaves. Long, thin stalks protruding from the trunks of the small trees. The scrub appears rough and gritty. These bushes are tough, built to withstand the harshest of climates. With the change in seasons comes cooler weather. Most of the bush flora becomes dormant, waiting for warmer weather to show their rainbow of colours. However, for this unassuming little shrub it is time to shine. The bush begins to glow with the most spectacular display of soft, fluffy spheres of golden yellow. Birds and insects buzz with excitement as they feed and pollinate the bushland around them. The Wattle; a beautiful yet hardy survivor. The outback’s golden treasure.