Winter has come and gone for another year. The days are getting longer, and hours are spent outside enjoying the pleasant warmth before the blister of Summer begins. The earth is dry and cracked. The last shower of rain is a vague and distant memory. It is hard to remember a time before, when the grass was green and the livestock fat. And then, just like that, a small but welcome Spring shower! Just enough to dampen the ground yet it sparks a small flame of hope in our hearts that a wet Summer is soon to come. Day’s pass and the earth warms. A tiny glimmer of emerald appears from within the cracks of black soil. It grows, slowly but surely. With it comes the Mulla Mulla. Soon there is a sea of purple cascading across the land as far as the eye can see. The soft lavender brushes distract from the thirsty, dry earth beneath.  A magnificent mauve beauty bringing vibrant new life to the outback.