A dear friend is getting married! We are alive with feelings of happiness, excitement, and love. Old friends are reunited to share in our beautiful girl’s special day. Hours are spent laughing over past adventures. Reminiscing days where we were wild, without a care in the world and a thought for the future. Now we are ready to take the next step in life. We are thrilled to embrace a wonderful new adventure of marriage and possibly one day children. In the days before the wedding, we are busy. With our creative minds combined we will transform an old shire hall into a beautiful wedding reception. We drive off the beaten track, into the hills and here we forage. The bush is before us in all its glory. Silver Dollar Gums stand tall as far as the eye can see. The silvery-blue-green leaves rustle and shine in the wind. A natural beauty, resilient and strong. A perfect reflection of our dear girl’s soul.